To Taxi or To Chauffeur?

Some of you may be wondering: ‘shall I book a taxi or a chauffeur;’ for some, it’s an easy answer, for others not so much.

That’s why we’re here to discuss the difference between travelling with a taxi service and travelling with executive chauffeur services.  


Both taxi firms and chauffeur businesses allow the passengers to travel from one destination to another, but the fleet of vehicles differ significantly. Most taxi companies operate a standard Toyota or a Vauxhall, however chauffeur businesses offer a more luxurious fleet of vehicles. For example, at Chauffeur VIP, we operate a fleet of young Mercedes vehicles, allowing passengers to indulge in luxury, sophistication and complete comfort. 

Suited & Booted Drivers 

Chauffeur driven services are complete with suited and booted drivers, providing a true professional experience for passengers. This is ideal for business travellers who are travelling to and from an important destination. 

Extensive Training

Chauffeur drivers will have undergone extensive training to ensure that optimal standards are met. From simple customer service skills to driving with professionalism, chauffeur drivers are well equipped with training to ensure the best level of service is delivered. 

Added Benefits 

With chauffeur driven services, you can expect refreshments, free WiFi and more, allowing you to completely relax no matter where you are going. At Chauffeur VIP we even provide passengers with films to watch during their journey – ultimate bliss!

Overall Service & Experience 

The overall service and experience when travelling with a chauffeur driven service differs to when travelling with a taxi firm. Taxi firms are often short for time and need to fulfil their next job soon after one transfer is complete. With Chauffeur VIP, we ensure that there is plenty of time for passengers to arrive at their destination with peace of mind, whilst helping them with their luggage and belongings. 

So, we leave you the question: to taxi or to chauffeur? 

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