Where’s Chauffeur VIP Competition

Firstly, congratulations to September’s Where’s Chauffeur VIP winner, Alan Henderson who guessed the destination correctly – the location pictured in our last competition was indeed Falmouth! 

For those of you who are new to Where’s Chauffeur VIP or didn’t win last month, we’re back again with this month’s destination. Can you guess where we are in the photograph below? 

Take a careful look at the photograph below and let us know your answer by getting in touch via: info@chauffeur-vip.co.uk for a chance to win a bottle of champagne! 

Competition ends on Wednesday 11th November and the winner will be announced on Friday 13th November. Good luck! 

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Safe, secure and COVID-19 proof travel with Chauffeur VIP

As the current situation with the global pandemic continues with a possible second wave coming our way, here at Chauffeur VIP we feel that it is important to inform you all of the precautions and safety measures we are taking to ensure safe travel with our chauffeur driven services. 

Our Mercedes V Class 

Popular for both business and personal chauffeur travel requirements, the Mercedes V Class provides optimal safety with its Perspex shield between the passenger/s and driver (1.5m distance between, allowing for perfect social distancing). Because of this added protection and its ability to provide social distancing measures, wearing a face mask is not obligatory, however passengers are free to wear a face mask if they wish. 

Our Mercedes E Class/Estates 

A Perspex shield between the driver and passenger/s is fitted across our Mercedes E Class Estates Because the shield leaves a distance of 1m between the driver and passenger, we strongly advise that passengers do wear a mask. Our chauffeur drivers will also be wearing a mask to ensure supreme safety and no passengers are permitted to sit on the front passenger seat of the vehicle. 

Our Mercedes Saloon cars 

Although our Mercedes saloons are not equipped with a Perspex shield, the inclusion of the AirBubbl expels 97% of virus bacteria droplets in the vehicle. However, we advise that even with the added filtration, that passengers do wear a mask for optimum safety. Passengers are not permitted to sit on the front passenger seat of the vehicle to ensure social distancing measures are not broken. 

Regardless of the vehicle and where you are going, our chauffeur drivers will be wearing gloves to open and shut all vehicle doors and where possible (with the Mercedes V Class), our chauffeur drivers will open and shut doors electronically. If required, our chauffeur drivers will also handle your luggage and will of course be wearing gloves when carrying out this task. 

After every journey, all vehicles are cleaned and sanitised, ensuring all handling and touch point surfaces are ready for use for following journeys.  

If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us: info@chauffeur-vip.co.uk




Choosing the Perfect Wedding Transport

Wedding planning is never as simple as we expect it to be; venue hire, themes, food, outfits and of course… transport! We understand that sometimes, organising the right transport can be difficult, that’s why we have produced a five step guide for you to read and take note of. 

Whether your wedding venue is down the road or in a destination miles away, our chauffeur driven services are the perfect option for both bride and groom-to-be’s, allowing them to relax and truly enjoy their special day.  

Classic or Modern? To Horse & Carriage or Not? 

Some couples have a set theme for their wedding; you may have a vintage inspired location with a rustic and traditional feel or you may have a modern destination in mind with sleek decor, reflecting a contemporary design. Whatever the theme, it is always best to weigh up the best wedding transport for yourselves. Our classic car range such as The Royale, The Fiat 501S 1920 and The Daimler are popular options for many couples across the UK. However, some do also choose to arrive in our young fleet of Mercedes vehicles and perhaps a horse and carriage too. The options are indeed endless and there is nothing wrong with mixing it up with a combination of the three.

Book in Advance! 

Booking and planning for the wedding season typically begins in January (that’s if you’re choosing to walk down the aisle in the summer months), however we strongly recommend that once you have made a decision on the transport that you require, to book in advance. This way, you can focus on all of the finer details of your big day with peace of mind that you will be transported in style and luxury with our first class wedding chauffeur services. 

Get the Timings Right 

Because there is nothing worse than arriving at your wedding destination late, or in fact, too early! At Chauffeur VIP we will work closely with you to ensure that correct timings are adhered to, allowing you to sit back and relax whilst thinking about the exciting day ahead. 

Be Mindful of the Weather

For summer weddings, a convertible vehicle is an appealing option for many, that or a horse and carriage. However, with the unpredictability of great British weather, some do choose to opt for a vehicle that will ensure all weather conditions are catered for. Although you may be booking your wedding transport in advance with Chauffeur VIP, we will work with you and your requirements regardless of any changes – whether that be a change of vehicles or the need for more vehicles  

Don’t Forget Your Guests! 

We cannot stress enough how important it is to ensure that your guests also arrive in style. Whether it’s your bridesmaids, parents, groomsmen or your aunt who’s travelled across the globe for your all important day; transporting them in style and sophistication is key. Our Mercedes V Class has proven to be a popular option for a variety of weddings across the UK with its capacity to transport 6/7 people to the wedding destination for close family, or consider a London Bus to transport your friends and family! There’s an option for all requirements and tastes with Chauffeur VIP!

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Where’s Chauffeur VIP Competition

As an executive chauffeur service provider, we have the pleasure of visiting various stunning locations across the UK. Our professional chauffeur drivers are always keen to share photographs of their surroundings, so we’ve started something new and exciting for you. 

We will be running a series of ‘Where’s Chauffeur VIP’ competitions on a monthly basis, allowing you to guess our location with the chance to win a bottle of champagne! 

That leaves us to ask… Where’s Chauffeur VIP this month? Take a close look at the photograph below and simply send us your answers to: info@chauffeur-vip.co.uk for a chance to win! 

Competition ends on Friday 9th October and the winner will be announced on Monday 12th October. Good luck! 

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Funeral Chauffeur Services: Here For You During Difficult Times

Losing a loved one is never easy; nobody wants to bid farewell to someone they cherish and we completely understand that. Chauffeur VIP are aware that both privacy and comfort are important for funerals, therefore we make it our priority to ensure our passengers receive the best service. 

We can transport you, your family and friends to and from the funeral destination whilst you sit back, without the need to think about stressful transport and car arrangements. Our funeral chauffeur service comes complete with a professional, smartly dressed (in dark attire), punctual and compassionate chauffeur driver, who is respectful and attentive at all times. During the day of the funeral, your designated chauffeur driver will be within close proximity to the location of the funeral, ensuring that passengers are driven back to their desired locations when they are ready. 

Whether you require funeral chauffeur services for two or seven people per vehicle, we have the solution for all requirements. With our vast range of young Mercedes vehicles to our classic cars, your options are endless, meeting all of your needs. 

Rest assured that like all of our chauffeur driven services, our funeral chauffeur services operate under strict Covid-19 rules and regulations. The safety of yourselves, you family and friends is paramount and Chauffeur VIP will strive to guarantee a quality chauffeur service led by first class health and safety.  

For more on our funeral chauffeur services, please visit our Funeral Chauffeur Services page. 











A Tremendous Tour with Great Friends!

As UK tours are becoming increasingly popular for many around the nation, we were delighted to transport our good friends to explore the Great Union Canal. Chauffeur driven to the destination to board the narrow boat, our passengers benefitted from an executive service; Covid-19 proof whilst adhering to our Covid-19 guidelines and policies. 

The narrow boat trip started by departing from the market town, Market Harborough to the Foxton Locks,  ten magnificent locks in total. Once berthed, our friends explored various narrow boats and enjoyed seeing the engineering feat created in building the locks back in 1814, and then improved in 1900. They made a great day of it; eating lunch together; drinking wine and of course, nattering about the things they love most; family, friends, food, fun times.

Whilst our friends relished in a day of beautiful scenes and surroundings, our smartly dressed, punctual and incredibly friendly chauffeur, Brian awaited their arrival. Brian stayed close to Market Harborough prior to pick up to  ensure our friends were taken care of promptly after their day trip. Chauffeur Brian ensured that all belongings were handled with care before driving our friends back to their home. 

All in all, a fantastic day of exploring the stunning nature around us and the perfect chauffeur driven service that enabled our friends to relax and enjoy a remarkable summer’s day. 

Our client for the day, Pete, said:

“My wife and I booked a return trip with VIP Chauffeur to take ourselves and two friends from Newark to Market Harborough in early August, for a day trip out.

The vehicle was spotlessly clean, arrived promptly for both collections, the drivers (two different drivers for each trip) were very courteous, helpful and informative, looking after our every need.

We will certainly be using VIP Chauffeur again, finding the service genuinely ‘first class’, and would have no hesitation in recommending them to both friends and Business associates.” 

For more on how we can make your travels special, luxurious and comfortable, check out our Chauffeur Driven Tour Services. 

Driven by excellence, going places together.









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Covid-19 Update

All of our vehicles are sanitised before and after each transfer.

For added protection we have fitted Perspex shields in our Executive Mercedes Vehicles between the driver and passenger cabins.

Where available we are providing the use of anti-bac wipes and hand gel along with individually wrapped hand wipes to help with sanitation.

Your driver will be operating social distancing and request our passengers respect and adhere the same.

We do request our clients handle their own luggage where possible.  Luggage assistance will be given if required but please be aware our drivers will be wearing disposable gloves for all contact.

Your driver will have access to his own mask should this be required for your journey.

Your driver will NOT be making physical contact with you (hand shaking etc).

Your driver will open/close the vehicle doors remotely to reduce unnecessary contact.


We strongly request any customers who have flu symptoms or a cold (even if mild) or have been in contact with someone who has suspected or confirmed Coronavirus to refrain from using our services and self-isolate. #stopthespread

As the COVID-19 virus continues to develop and change, we will be updating you, but our guidance will always be in line with Public Health England and Government guidelines.

We will continue to strive to ensure that we offer all of our clients the high service levels that they have come to expect and we shall keep you posted should any changes occur.

Worried about Coronavirus? Chauffeur travel is the safest form of travel.

Of course we’ve all heard about Coronavirus in the news and how it’s bringing businesses up and down the country to a standstill; but did you know that Chauffeur travel is still one of the safest options during these worrying times?

The number of people you come into contact with will be kept to a minimum and, unlike BUSES, TRAINS AND TAXIS, our vehicles are fully cleaned and sanitised before and after every journey. Our professional drivers will open and close your door so you will have no contact with door handles. We also provide complimentary use of hand sanitiser for the duration of the journey.

While we fully endorse proposals to keep the risk of spreading Coronavirus to a minimum, if your business cannot wait consider using Chauffeur VIP to safely support you over the coming months.

For a no obligation quote please call +44 (0) 800 014 9222 or simply reply to this email with details of your trip.

Chauffeur VIP escort famous author on promo run

Chauffeur recently took famous ‘Vera’ author, Ann Cleaves round the West Midlands to the East midlands in a 3 day hectic programme promoting her new book.

Our Chauffeur Steve Bamford was with her for the duration visiting various locations.


Monday 24th Feb

  • Waterstones, Warwick
  • Coventry central library
  • Kibworth cricket club

Tuesday 25th Feb

  • Waterstones Solihull
  • Wendron shopping centre
  • Artrix art centre

Wednesday 26th Feb

  • Radio Nottingham
  • Waterstones Nottingham
  • Lowdham village hall

Below are some photos of Ann and our chauffeur, Steve together during the 3 days.