Sun, Sports and So Much Fun with Chauffeur VIP!

Sporting events are back and we’re here to ensure that you never miss out this summer… 

It’s been a while since sporting events welcomed spectators, although the events are only opening up with limited capacity, some of us have been fortunate enough to bag ourselves a ticket or two for some of the most exciting events this year.

Whether you’re watching the Euros, Wimbledon, F1 Grand Prix or attending Ascot, our professional and punctual chauffeur drivers are here to ensure that you arrive on time and ready for the days ahead. We understand that the safety of our passengers is paramount and that’s why we are continuing to take extra precautions, making sure that you are relaxed with peace of mind during your travels. From the installation of Perspex shields to our Airbubbl filtration system; the sanitisation of vehicles after every transfer to wearing masks where required – our chauffeur drivers are trained to provide a covid-proof journey for passengers.  

No question is too big or small. If you require a vehicle for two people or sixteen, we have you covered. Our young fleet of Mercedes-Benz vehicles are top of the range, because we understand that arriving in style and comfort matters the most. From our Luxurious RR Phantom, Mercedes S class, or E class, all the way to our V Class and Sprinter – the options are endless for our passengers.

Whether it’s a long or short journey ahead to your desired sporting event, we have refreshments and entertainment, enabling you to truly sit back and enjoy the ride before your exciting day of spectating sports commences! 


Check out our fleet:

Resuming Back to Normality

Lockdown restrictions are set to slowly ease within the coming months, so we discuss what this means for your travels with Chauffeur VIP. 

Throughout the pandemic, Chauffeur VIP have been operating to ensure essential travel requirements have been met across the UK. With the implementation of Perspex shields and AirBubbl filtration systems in our modern Mercedes vehicles, as well as stringent cleaning and sanitisation, we have ensured that all of our passengers and drivers are safe when travelling with us from A to B. We understand that the safety of our customers and staff is indeed paramount, this is why we have adhered to safety and protection standards as advised by the government. 

What does this mean for when lockdown restrictions ease? 

We will continue to operate whilst adhering to our Covid-19 policy; we will continue to sanitise our vehicles before and after each journey, use Perspex shields and utilise our AirBubbl filtration systems. We believe that although restrictions are easing and vaccinations are increasing daily, it is obviously better to be safe than sorry. As of April 12th, major parts of the economy will be permitted to open, including; outdoor settings, non essential retail, indoor leisure and self contained holiday accommodation. We understand with some of these activities, people may require transport; particularly as we are now seeing a rise in ‘staycations.’ Rest assured, Chauffeur VIP’s professional and punctual chauffeurs are here to ensure that you are transported to your UK holiday destinations safely – all you have to do is sit back and relax, whilst we do the rest. 

From 17th May, the UK’s indoor hospitality and hotel sector will start to open, allowing people to visit different parts of the country, dine in restaurants, visit cinemas, museums etc. Up to 10,000 spectators can also attend the very largest outdoor seated venues, such as football stadiums, possibly Wimbledon and Music Festivals. During this step into easing lockdown restrictions, up to 30 people will also be able to attend weddings, funerals and wakes. Again, with all of this, Chauffeur VIP are here to ensure that you can get from A to B with safety at the core. Whether you are exploring London and require transport to the hotel; attending your best friend’s wedding or watching your favourite football team play – our fleet of vehicles will provide you with a comforting and relaxing chauffeur driven experience throughout your journey. 

Subject to review, non-essential international travel could resume in May, meaning that holidaymakers could potentially visit overseas destinations this summer. If this is the case, Chauffeur VIP are here to provide chauffeur driven airport/cruise transfer services for both business and pleasure. We cover all UK airports/sea ports and provide passengers with a choice of comfortable and sophisticated vehicles, allowing them to reach their chosen airport/sea port in style with complete peace of mind.

What next? 

Well, if you have made plans for April 12th onwards and require executive travel services, we are accepting pre-bookings (as always), allowing you to prepare for your outings and upcoming holidays. Please also be assured that any necessary booking amendments due to changes in the COVID-19 exit roadmap will be honored with no financial penalty.

For more, please get in touch. 

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Where’s Chauffeur VIP?

We’re back with our monthly competition, Where’s Chauffeur VIP! Can you guess where we are? 

Times are still a little strange right now, particularly with the current lockdown 3.0. So, to lift the mood during these challenging times, we have come back with Where’s Chauffeur VIP, allowing you to be in for a chance in winning a bottle of champagne; what’s not to love! 

Last year we hosted numerous Where’s Chauffeur VIP competitions and put smiles on faces of those who guessed our locations correctly… We cannot wait to continue doing the exact same throughout this year. 

So, can you guess where we are in the photograph below? 

Competition ends on Sunday 21st February and the winner will be announced on our Facebook page on Tuesday 23rd February. 

To submit your answer, please email us on: 

Good luck, everyone!












Christmas Office Opening Hours

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Please read ahead for our Christmas office opening hours.

Firstly, we would like to thank all of our customers, old and new for supporting us and using our chauffeur driven services this year. We know that times have been challenging and indeed, unusual for most of us, however despite the struggles, Chauffeur VIP have been fortunate enough to continue serving customers from near, far and wide. 

Christmas is a time for appreciating loved ones and the people around us; we will be doing exactly that. Although the current restrictions won’t allow us to spend time with most of our loved ones, we will be using this festive period to think about the things that matter the most, whilst also looking forward to spending quality and well deserved time with our family and friends in the future. 

Again, we thank you for your continued custom, your feedback and your loyalty. Please see below our Christmas office opening times. If you do require last minute chauffeur driven services, please do get in touch with us directly via: or give us a call on 0800 014 9222/0115 899 0410. Alternatively, please use our contact form for more information and a quotation. 

Merry Christmas, all and Happy New Year from the team at Chauffeur VIP. 





















Helping students come home this Christmas

During these challenging times, Chauffeur VIP is here to transport your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews home in time for the festivities.

We understand that during the current health crisis, times are difficult for families and close friends, especially those with loved ones at university. As we are fast approaching the festivities, at Chauffeur VIP we are preparing to bring students home for Christmas, allowing families to reunite with their children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews.

Rest assured that our professional chauffeur drivers will follow all of the necessary guidelines to ensure that optimal safety is maintained throughout the duration of your loved one’s journey. After each transfer, Chauffeur VIP sanitise the vehicles, ready for the next passenger to simply sit back and relax during their travels. We have also introduced Perspex shields and an AirBubbl filtration system, ensuring that the health of our passengers is paramount. Alongside all of this, our prompt and experienced chauffeur drivers are also observing social distancing rules, further preventing the spread of COVID-19. 

Many students rely on public transport, such as buses and trains to return home for their university breaks, however the current health crisis has left some students looking for alternatives. So, why should students opt for a chauffeur driven service? Firstly, travelling with a chauffeur rather than public transport guarantees prime safety; as stated earlier, Chauffeur VIP are actively sanitising all vehicles after each transfer, meaning that students will not need to worry about who sat on the seat before them. Secondly, a chauffeur service allows you to truly relax alone, allowing for the ideal service for those who desire privacy and their ‘own space.’ Last, however not least, travelling with Chauffeur VIP will enable you to plan your journey ahead of time, whilst also factoring in refreshment breaks – this element is most favoured by students who live far away from their family homes. 

At Chauffeur VIP, we run a modern fleet of Mercedes vehicles, including the 6/7 seater Mercedes V Class, allowing you to take much of your belongings home with you this Christmas. Learn more about our fleet and COVID-19 policy or simply get in touch. 

For the Christmas period, we are also offering 15% of travel for students.

This Month’s Where’s Chauffeur VIP!

Let us begin by congratulating our most recent Where’s Chauffeur VIP winner, Fancis Haw who guessed the destination correctly. It was indeed Brighton! We noticed that many participants guessed the correct answer, so well done to all who took part and answered Brighton too! e

For those of you who are new to Where’s Chauffeur VIP or didn’t win last month, we’re back again with this month’s destination. Can you guess where we are in the photograph below? 

Take a careful look at the photograph below and let us know your answer by getting in touch via: for a chance to win a bottle of champagne! 

Competition ends on Monday 14th December and the winner will be announced on Friday 18th December. Good luck! 

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To Taxi or To Chauffeur?

Some of you may be wondering: ‘shall I book a taxi or a chauffeur;’ for some, it’s an easy answer, for others not so much. That’s why we’re here to discuss the difference between travelling with a taxi service and travelling with executive chauffeur services.  


Both taxi firms and chauffeur businesses allow the passengers to travel from one destination to another, but the fleet of vehicles differ significantly. Most taxi companies operate a standard Toyota or a Vauxhall, however chauffeur businesses offer a more luxurious fleet of vehicles. For example, at Chauffeur VIP, we operate a fleet of young Mercedes vehicles, allowing passengers to indulge in luxury, sophistication and complete comfort. 

Suited & Booted Drivers 

Chauffeur driven services are complete with suited and booted drivers, providing a true professional experience for passengers. This is ideal for business travellers who are travelling to and from an important destination. 

Extensive Training

Chauffeur drivers will have undergone extensive training to ensure that optimal standards are met. From simple customer service skills to driving with professionalism, chauffeur drivers are well equipped with training to ensure the best level of service is delivered. 

Added Benefits 

With chauffeur driven services, you can expect refreshments, free WiFi and more, allowing you to completely relax no matter where you are going. At Chauffeur VIP we even provide passengers with films to watch during their journey – ultimate bliss!

Overall Service & Experience 

The overall service and experience when travelling with a chauffeur driven service differs to when travelling with a taxi firm. Taxi firms are often short for time and need to fulfil their next job soon after one transfer is complete. With Chauffeur VIP, we ensure that there is plenty of time for passengers to arrive at their destination with peace of mind, whilst helping them with their luggage and belongings. 

So, we leave you the question: to taxi or to chauffeur? 

Learn more about our chauffeur driven services.




Our First Where’s Chauffeur VIP Winner!

In September, we at Chauffeur VIP launched our Where’s Chauffeur VIP competition; we thought that during these challenging times, we’d spread some excitement and generate some healthy competition amongst our old, new and existing clients and social media followers!

September’s competition included a stunning photograph of our Mercedes V Class 7 seater pictured amongst Falmouth’s beautiful backdrop. 

Congratulations to our winner Alan Henderson who evidently in the photograph below enjoyed his bottle of champagne! 

Our professional chauffeur drivers are incredibly fortunate to visit some of the nation’s most gorgeous destinations and as a result, capture some incredible photographs on their journeys.

Follow us on Facebook to enter our monthly competitions for a chance to win a bottle of champagne like Alan! 



Where’s Chauffeur VIP Competition

Firstly, congratulations to September’s Where’s Chauffeur VIP winner, Alan Henderson who guessed the destination correctly – the location pictured in our last competition was indeed Falmouth! 

For those of you who are new to Where’s Chauffeur VIP or didn’t win last month, we’re back again with this month’s destination. Can you guess where we are in the photograph below? 

Take a careful look at the photograph below and let us know your answer by getting in touch via: for a chance to win a bottle of champagne! 

Competition ends on Wednesday 11th November and the winner will be announced on Friday 13th November. Good luck! 

For more on our diverse range of chauffeur driven service, click here.

Safe, secure and COVID-19 proof travel with Chauffeur VIP

As the current situation with the global pandemic continues with a possible second wave coming our way, here at Chauffeur VIP we feel that it is important to inform you all of the precautions and safety measures we are taking to ensure safe travel with our chauffeur driven services. 

Our Mercedes V Class 

Popular for both business and personal chauffeur travel requirements, the Mercedes V Class provides optimal safety with its Perspex shield between the passenger/s and driver (1.5m distance between, allowing for perfect social distancing). Because of this added protection and its ability to provide social distancing measures, wearing a face mask is not obligatory, however passengers are free to wear a face mask if they wish. 

Our Mercedes E Class/Estates 

A Perspex shield between the driver and passenger/s is fitted across our Mercedes E Class Estates Because the shield leaves a distance of 1m between the driver and passenger, we strongly advise that passengers do wear a mask. Our chauffeur drivers will also be wearing a mask to ensure supreme safety and no passengers are permitted to sit on the front passenger seat of the vehicle. 

Our Mercedes Saloon cars 

Although our Mercedes saloons are not equipped with a Perspex shield, the inclusion of the AirBubbl expels 97% of virus bacteria droplets in the vehicle. However, we advise that even with the added filtration, that passengers do wear a mask for optimum safety. Passengers are not permitted to sit on the front passenger seat of the vehicle to ensure social distancing measures are not broken. 

Regardless of the vehicle and where you are going, our chauffeur drivers will be wearing gloves to open and shut all vehicle doors and where possible (with the Mercedes V Class), our chauffeur drivers will open and shut doors electronically. If required, our chauffeur drivers will also handle your luggage and will of course be wearing gloves when carrying out this task. 

After every journey, all vehicles are cleaned and sanitised, ensuring all handling and touch point surfaces are ready for use for following journeys.  

If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us: