Safe, secure and COVID-19 proof travel with Chauffeur VIP

As the current situation with the global pandemic continues with a possible second wave coming our way, here at Chauffeur VIP we feel that it is important to inform you all of the precautions and safety measures we are taking to ensure safe travel with our chauffeur driven services. 

Our Mercedes V Class 

Popular for both business and personal chauffeur travel requirements, the Mercedes V Class provides optimal safety with its Perspex shield between the passenger/s and driver (1.5m distance between, allowing for perfect social distancing). Because of this added protection and its ability to provide social distancing measures, wearing a face mask is not obligatory, however passengers are free to wear a face mask if they wish. 

Our Mercedes E Class/Estates 

A Perspex shield between the driver and passenger/s is fitted across our Mercedes E Class Estates Because the shield leaves a distance of 1m between the driver and passenger, we strongly advise that passengers do wear a mask. Our chauffeur drivers will also be wearing a mask to ensure supreme safety and no passengers are permitted to sit on the front passenger seat of the vehicle. 

Our Mercedes Saloon cars 

Although our Mercedes saloons are not equipped with a Perspex shield, the inclusion of the AirBubbl expels 97% of virus bacteria droplets in the vehicle. However, we advise that even with the added filtration, that passengers do wear a mask for optimum safety. Passengers are not permitted to sit on the front passenger seat of the vehicle to ensure social distancing measures are not broken. 

Regardless of the vehicle and where you are going, our chauffeur drivers will be wearing gloves to open and shut all vehicle doors and where possible (with the Mercedes V Class), our chauffeur drivers will open and shut doors electronically. If required, our chauffeur drivers will also handle your luggage and will of course be wearing gloves when carrying out this task. 

After every journey, all vehicles are cleaned and sanitised, ensuring all handling and touch point surfaces are ready for use for following journeys.  

If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us: