Providing style, luxury and optional comfort; the perfect ride awaits with the sophisticated Mercedes S Class. 

Unparalleled Luxury

The Mercedes S Class saloon offers the unparalleled luxury for passengers looking to embark on their personal or professional journeys ahead. With a comfortable, leather interior, designed for all to enjoy, the Mercedes S Class is an iconic chauffeur vehicle, equipped to provide the most exceptional experience for passengers. Complete with electric reclining and heated seats, we can guarantee that you’ll enjoy your journey with Chauffeur VIP when opting for the Mercedes S Class. 

No journey is complete without the ability to sit back and relax; that’s why we offer our customers the option of being transported to their desired destination with the Mercedes S Class. Bringing together excellence in German design and engineering, rest assured that your journey will be complete with a smile on your face, satisfied and ready for your day ahead. 

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Our Gallery

View some images of our
Mercedes S Class.

Our Gallery

View some images of our Mercedes S Class.

4 Seater Vehicle

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