Helping students come home this Christmas

During these challenging times, Chauffeur VIP is here to transport your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews home in time for the festivities.

We understand that during the current health crisis, times are difficult for families and close friends, especially those with loved ones at university. As we are fast approaching the festivities, at Chauffeur VIP we are preparing to bring students home for Christmas, allowing families to reunite with their children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews.

Rest assured that our professional chauffeur drivers will follow all of the necessary guidelines to ensure that optimal safety is maintained throughout the duration of your loved one’s journey. After each transfer, Chauffeur VIP sanitise the vehicles, ready for the next passenger to simply sit back and relax during their travels. We have also introduced Perspex shields and an AirBubbl filtration system, ensuring that the health of our passengers is paramount. Alongside all of this, our prompt and experienced chauffeur drivers are also observing social distancing rules, further preventing the spread of COVID-19. 

Many students rely on public transport, such as buses and trains to return home for their university breaks, however the current health crisis has left some students looking for alternatives. So, why should students opt for a chauffeur driven service? Firstly, travelling with a chauffeur rather than public transport guarantees prime safety; as stated earlier, Chauffeur VIP are actively sanitising all vehicles after each transfer, meaning that students will not need to worry about who sat on the seat before them. Secondly, a chauffeur service allows you to truly relax alone, allowing for the ideal service for those who desire privacy and their ‘own space.’ Last, however not least, travelling with Chauffeur VIP will enable you to plan your journey ahead of time, whilst also factoring in refreshment breaks – this element is most favoured by students who live far away from their family homes. 

At Chauffeur VIP, we run a modern fleet of Mercedes vehicles, including the 6/7 seater Mercedes V Class, allowing you to take much of your belongings home with you this Christmas. Learn more about our fleet and COVID-19 policy or simply get in touch. 

For the Christmas period, we are also offering 15% of travel for students.